We provide certified court video specialists and certified court reporters for depositions, hearings, and arbitrations. High-resolution digital video can be an exceptional addition to your litigation strategy.  It offers an added advantage to your case preparation and presentation, giving you the ability to create compelling presentations and trial clips. At Elliott Reporting we always shoot our legal video with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4) and the Federal Rules of Evidence in mind.

When you videotape your deposition, you make it possible for the jury to see captured facial expressions, vocal inflections, body language, and overall demeanor that go far beyond what the written word alone can convey. As well, the cost savings in trial preparation make video technology a “MUST HAVE” for any litigation team.

  • Greater Jury Memory Retention
  • Cost Savings in Preparation
  • Compelling Courtroom Presentation
  • Impeach testimony
  • Using Expert Witnesses
  • Greater Settlements
  • Winning Cases

Video & Text Synchronization, is quickly becoming today’s most versatile tool for the preparation and presentation of depositions and evidence. At Elliott Reporting we provide timely Video & Text synchronization in today’s most commonly used formats. A disc and/or flash drive containing the formats you prefer will be delivered ready to load and use in your computer. These formats include Live Note, Real Legal, Sanction, Summation, Synchron, Trial Director and Visionary, to name a few.

Our staff of Certified Legal Video Specialists use only professional-grade digital equipment. We provide the highest quality video recordings for almost any venue: depositions, day-in-the-life shoots, field shoots, pre-nuptials and many more. We also provide editing, CD, VHS or DVD conversion, and synchronization of video with transcript files.

  • Video Depositions
  • Settlement Brochures
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Video Wills
  • Field Shoots
  • Mock Trials
  • CD, VHS, DVD Conversion
  • Video & Text Synchronization
  • Pre Deposition Preparation
  • Remote Witnesses
  • Pre Construction and Construction Draws
  • Prenuptials
  • Duplication & Editing
  • Expedited Services