Realtime court reporting brings instantaneous transcription from the reporter’s shorthand machine to a linked laptop, providing an interactive platform for the user. This is done via Stenograph’s CaseViewNet software that securely streams encrypted realtime testimony to authorized recipients using the free CaseViewNet viewer. Recipients can be in the same room as the court reporter or elsewhere using the Internet. Controlled access to testimony is granted by the reporter using a system of access codes and passwords to ensure confidentiality. More information can be found at the Stenograph website.

iCVNet iPad app

Stenograph’s iCVNet iPad app provides attorneys and judges instant viewing of realtime deposition and trial transcripts on an iPad. Court reporters using Case CATalyst software can send the realtime text via a wireless network. Attorneys and legal professionals can connect to the reporter’s secure WiFi network to receive, view, mark, search and email the transcript. Once connected, the entire transcript is displayed, even if connecting after testimony has started.

Any corrections or edits, big or small, made by the court reporter are automatically refreshed in the transcript. This provides the viewer with the most accurate copy of the transcript possible.

Users can easily scroll through the transcript with their fingertip to review previous testimony or use the Search feature to find specific text. They can also tap to mark lines in the transcript if further review or questioning is needed. To return to the current testimony, just tap the Follow Realtime button.

When done, the transcript file can be emailed and later opened in the free full PC version of CaseViewNet that contains additional features.

Realtime reporters are often the most skilled, highly seasoned, and dedicated professionals of their trade.  Their services can provide substantial savings by producing highly accurate drafts in realtime at a substantially lower cost than same-day delivery of a final transcript.