• Depositions

    We make it our top priority to provide you with letter-perfect reporting when and where you need it.  Being there on time makes a great first impression and you need a seasoned, professional reporter who has a full awareness and respect for the deposition process.  Our experience and expertise in serving a broad range of clients gives us the background to provide the highest level of court reporting services to accommodate your requirements.  A reporter who has an understanding of the proper terminology is key to an excellent transcript and you can only get that through experience.

  • Realtime

    Through CaseViewNet, we provide interactive realtime access to the testimony. See Realtime.

  • Rough Drafts

    The reporter’s rough draft of the proceedings is a useful tool when in a time crunch.  Share with colleagues and staff valuable information from the day while waiting for the final version to be prepared.

  • Expedited and Daily Transcripts

    You receive it when you need it!

  • E-Transcripts™

    E-Transcripts are better than ASCIIs.  E-Transcripts have built-in word indexes, are completely searchable, are printable in a full-size or condensed format, and are viewed with a free viewer, just like PDF files.  There’s no need for you to purchase any software to use E-Transcripts. We deliver E-Transcripts straight to your e-mail.

    For more information about E-Transcripts™ and installing the E-Transcripts™ Viewer go to our E-Transcript page.

  • Exhibit Scanning

    We will scan your exhibits and make them available when you need them.

  • Conference Rooms

    We have comfortable conference rooms available in both the northern end and downtown Colorado Springs.  Locations

  • Videography & Videoconferencing

    Videotaping, video-and-text synchronization, and remote connection by video to other locations throughout the nation are all services we offer. See Videography and Video, Audio & Web Conferencing.

  • Transcription

    When the need arises, we can provide a transcript of audio recorded proceedings in a variety of digital formats.