• What is an E-Transcript?

    RealLegal E-Transcript technology is the benchmark for electronic transcripts and the standard delivery format for litigators nationwide.

    E-Transcript files ensure page and line integrity, allow for custom formatting, and offer the security of a tamperproof, electronic signature. The free E-Transcript Viewer is all that’s needed to view an E-Transcript.

    E-Transcript Files are designed for transcripts and for use in several case analysis software systems.  They can perform better than other formats (e.g. PDF) for the following reasons:

    o Import directly and properly to litigation and case analysis software
    o Flexible:  Easily converts to other formats
    o Copy/paste with accurate page/line integrity and citations
    o Tamperproof, digitally signed, and verifiable
    o Hyperlinked word index
    o Condensed, full-sized, and word index printing capabilities
  • Printing a Condensed Version

    Print preview and print condensed transcripts by using the File / Print Preview / Transcript / Condensed and  File / Print / Transcript / Condensed menu options:

    Condensed Transcript Option

  • Errata Sheet

    Print preview and print an errata sheet by using the File / Print Preview / Transcript / Errata Sheet  and File / Print / Transcript / Errata Sheet menu options:


    An errata sheet will look like this:

  • E-Transcript Viewer Installation

    If this is the first time you have received a RealLegal E-Transcript, you may need to download the free RealLegal E-Transcript viewer from the following location:

    You can also review and annotate E-Transcripts anytime, anywhere on your iPad or iPhone.  To download the free app, click on the following link:

    For RealLegal E-Transcript technical support, please call 800-290-9378.