We offer video conferencing, audio conferencing and Web conferencing in our comfortable and modern conference rooms.  Help yourself to a variety of beverages and homemade cookies.

Video Conferencing

Meet face-to-face without the usual travel expenses and down time.  With today’s pressure inside firms to maintain budgets and cut costs, minimizing travel expenses has become a mandate.  Our video conferencing rooms offer high-quality video equipment, making it easy for you to conduct “in-person” depositions or other meetings with participants throughout the world. Video conferencing allows attorneys to observe nonverbal clues that help them to adjust their questioning or detect possible evasive behavior.  Consider video conferencing as a viable, cost-saving alternative for out-of-state witnesses.

Audio Conferencing

We offer audio conferencing, a communications tool that’s seamless, cost-effective and simple to operate. As easy to set up as a phone call, audio conferencing works any time, from anywhere, from any phone – with one dedicated dial-in number. Best of all, it’s more cost-effective than traditional conference calls – up to 70% less in most cases.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is a form of real-time communications RTC in which multiple computer users, all connected to the Internet, see the same screen at all times in their Web browsers. Web Conferencing combines the clear audio quality of an audio conferencing with the data collaboration capabilities of the Internet. Ideal for small, interactive meetings, Web Conferencing offers the ability to add visual presentations, white boarding, Web tours, application sharing and more to your conference calls. It allows a face-to-face meeting to happen from anywhere in the world.